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Born in Venezuela, of Venezuelan family. Lived in Barcelona most of my life as a latina in Spain. I live as an activist, writer, poet, traveler and, more recently, a settler. I left Barcelona when I was 19, and eventually settled in this strange place called Portland. Since my family moved out of Spain I lost all sense of home. Most of what I do is directed to figuring out how the hell am I going to recreate that home, in such a foreign land. I can't wait to be on my personal list of empowered women.

I'm also dedicated to changing the world.

8th September 2014

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when you lie awake in the evenings
counting your birthdays
turn the blood that clots on your tongue
into poems. poems.

—Lucille Clifton, from “The Message of Thelma Sayles” 

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8th September 2014

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31st July 2014


Cuando la noche tiembla

La solidez de una hoja,
que quiebra.

El paso del tiempo.

Crecer con este cuerpo,
y con todos sus cuentos.

Llorar por lo perdido,
y por lo que queda por perder.

Sin consejo de nadie,
me olvido,
de que no hay refugio al que correr.

Primero fueron veinte,

Pronto llegaron a 200,
y luego más.

Ahora, ya más de 1000 van,
sin justificación alguna…

Y yo aquí llorando,
sin esperanza,

Aunque persistente,

Todos lloramos contigo,

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17th July 2014


Palestina llora, Palestina sufre, Palestina se quema, a Palestina la queman, la devoran, la masacran, la dejan sin agua, sin comida, sin hospitales, sin hijos e hijas, sin padres y madres, la matan, la invaden. Palestina lucha, Palestina se defiende, no se deja masacrar sin respuesta, Palestina resiste. Palestina vencerá, con la ayuda de todos y todas. Palestina será libre.

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9th June 2014


earthquakes and other fears

The house shakes. Stop. The house shakes again. It stops. The plants stay, they remain quiet, as if everything else was quiet too. The house shakes. It shakes. It shakes and shakes and shakes until I find myself out, away, done. It stops.

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19th May 2014

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5th April 2014

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5th April 2014

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2nd April 2014

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I’m pregnant. I don’t know the dad. Or the child. Or how this happened. Details to come.

I’m engaged. He’s loved me a long time. Forgotten me for more.

I’ve always been Margot Slezack. I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

I follow the Julian calendar. I sleep only on the fortnight. For a…

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6th March 2014

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I’ll make my home

your home.

My place will be in yours,

as I approach

this new space that

in a few occasions

is safe.

I’ll make your place,

my safe space,

you’ll let me in

as I start to stay.

You’ll let me in,

You’ll let me stay,

we will make it seem,

like it’s all okay.